Singapore : Tue, 20 Feb 2018   

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Luxurious 16 Seater
2 seats in a single row
When it comes to travel, there are things that travelers hate most: the long duration of the journey and to make it worse, nothing to keep them occupied throughout the journey.

Transtar Travel is one of the first travel and tour companies in Singapore to realise that comfort is crucial when it came to coach travel. With passengers' interest and comfort at heart, we have launched the feature-filled First Class coach service.

Make no mistake - this is the top end of coach travel,
everything else pales in comparison.

With features this wonderful, there's a high chance you might decide to turn around and go home when you arrive - just to experience the journey again. Here's what you can expect:

No more squinting at a tiny TV screen at the front of the bus, straining your ears to hear the program's dialogue. You get your personal screen on the Transtar First Class!

The state-of-the-art individual entertainment system boasts a 10-inch LCD monitor. On the viewing list is a full selection of the latest English and Asian movies.

Each seat has been ergonomically fitted with speakers and individual volume controls. With your own set of headphones, you can tune into your favourite shows without getting interrupted by other passengers or passing vehicles.

With over 100 movie titles,
there are interactive games, music videos and more to keep you entertained throughout the journey.

A steward on board a coach? Unheard of but true. While on the road, ask them for a snack or hot beverage, newspapers or magazines, you name it.

Talk about optimum comfort, not only are there fewer seats on Transtar First Class - just 16 Single seats in two rows - the seats are large, more comfortable and match or even surpasses the comfort of airline seats.

We have specially design a couple seats situated at the back of the coach (Seat no. 15 & 16). Though these seats are slightly smaller than the rest of the single seats, they are great for parents travelling with children or loving couples.

What's more, each seat has a massage device to knead away any tension during your trip.

Safety is a huge factor on the road and Transtar First Class is the first express coach in Singapore & Malaysia to have seat belts. The belts have been specially designed to give comfort and ensure your safety at the same time.